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working reversibly

The KIK (Koninklijk Instituut voor het Kunstpatrimonium in Belgium) has prepared a list of products to be used by restorers. A restorer who uses a product that is not on the list may lose his license as a certified restorer.
In the Netherlands rules also got more strict, the members of Restauratoren Nederland have stated that they will work reversibly. Restoring a work of art should not damage the original. If necessary a restoration can always be undone in this way.
Atelier Guido Hengeveld follows the rules of the KIK and is a member of Restauratoren Nederland.


Customers who want to have their painting cleaned or restored want to know the costs and if the action is worth the trouble.

Restoring a painting may be less expensive than you might expect. You can ask for a free estimation.

See at 'contact' for more details.


In the 19th century the Koninklijk Instituut voor het Kunstpatrimonium (KIK) was established in Brussels. The institute guards the works of art in Belgium. Any restorer who is going to perform an official restauration in Belgium has to do so according to the rules and methods of the KIK.

Guido Hengeveld has learned the trade at the Kunstacademie van Brussel who teaches people following this method.

no legal protection of the restoring trade

Because the restoring trade is still not legally protected many peculiar things happen in this business. Works of art are damaged by incompetence. Always show your painting to a professional if you want it cleaned or restored (see at 'contact') We do not use oilpaint for retouching but pigment mixed in a varnish that does not discolour. A well established method that is common practice in Belgium and the USA and that has shown to give perfect results during the 150 years of existence of the KIK.

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